Are all two-wheeler makes and models covered under Razorcat doorstep service?

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Yes, the Razorcat doorstep service package covers all motorcycles and scooters from various automobile brands that are on sale in India. It doesn't matter you ride a geared motorcycle or an automatic scooter. We can get your two-wheeler serviced at your location or at a nearest Razorcat workshop. You can schedule a visit from our technician at a day and time of your choice.  

At Razorcat, we found two-wheeler owners struggling to take time out from their daily routines to visit the service centre to get their motorcycles and scooters serviced regularly. Understandably on weekends, two-wheeler owners preferred spending quality time with family instead of waiting at service centre while the motorcycle or scooter gets serviced.

To make things a lot easier and hassle-free for two-wheeler owners, we at Razorcat came up with the innovative and super convenient doorstep service package. One no longer needs to ride their motorcycle or scooter to a service centre or wait for hours while their prized possession gets serviced. The Razorcat doorstep service package gives you the convenience of having a technician visit your location to service the two-wheeler on a day and time of your choice. Sounds too good to be true?

The standard Razorcat doorstep service package includes the following:

1. Clutch setting

2. Chain setting

3. Brake setting

4. Battery functionality check 

5. Nut & Bolts fittings 

6. Carburetor tune-up

7. Filter check

8. Horn setting 

9. Lights check

10. Head-light setting 

11. Suspension tuning

12. Handlebars setting

13. Oiling & Greasing

15. Dry wash using spray 

16. Engine oil change (If required, on MRP)



At Razorcat, we only use genuine parts and spares for all two-wheeler service jobs undertaken at your doorstep or at Razorcat partner workshops. 

The pick and drop facility offered by the Razocat doorstep service package requires you to temporarily hand over your motorcycle or scooter to our technician. The technician will then ride your two-wheeler to the nearest Razorcat Partner workshop and get it serviced. Once the required service jobs are completed, the technician will get your two-wheeler back to your parking spot. By choosing Razorcat's pick and drop facility you will get to save and time energy by not riding your two-wheeler all the way and back to a workshop.  

Scenario 1: If the two-wheeler is operational then a technician from the nearest Razorcat Partner workshop is assigned to ride your vehicle to the workshop. 

Scenario 2: If the two-wheeler does not start then the technician will first try to bring the motorcycle or scooter to life with resources at his disposal. If the technician is unable to do so or the two-wheeler is in a very bad condition then it will be towed to the nearest Razorcat workshop.  



The standard Razorcat doorstep service package includes a dry wash of your two-wheeler. If requested specifically by you, then we can get your two-wheeler power washed at the nearest Razorcat accredited service centre. 

Once the Razorcat technician arrives at your location as per the service appointment scheduled by you, it will take 60-90 minutes for a standard check-up, tuning and service of your two-wheeler. In case of any major service jobs which requires replacement of parts then servicing your two-wheeler will take more time depending on the task at hand. 

If the service isn't up to your satisfaction level or there persists an issue related to the work undertaken, our technician will visit you again to resolve the issues with the team leader. This will be done only if the issue is reported within a week from the two-wheeler service being done.

At Razorcat, we provide you the convenience of getting your motorcycle or scooter serviced at your location. Alternatively, for major repairs, we also offer a pick and drop facility. Our technician will ride your two-wheeler tot he nearest Razorcat facility, service it and ride it back to your location.

Quick doorstep service: A standard Razorcat doorstep service package will be completed in around 60-90 minutes. In case your two-wheeler is not operational, then it will be towed to the nearest Razorcat partner workshop. We cover all two-wheeler makes and models that are on sale in India. 

Genuine Spares: Our technicians arrive at your doorstep with a service kit that contains all the resources required for a basic two-wheeler service. Razorcat uses only genuine spares and lubricants during all two-wheeler service jobs. We even offer a warranty on all the parts that we replace during service at your doorstep or at our partner workshop. 

Process transparency: There is complete transparency in our processes. We even share the before and after pictures with you so that you are convinced about the quality of work done. In case you are not happy with the work done, our technician visits you again with the team leader to address your grievances. 

Experienced professionals: The Razorcat team has over 15 years of experience in the two-wheeler service industry with over a million happy customers. They have been trained under Japanese processes and principles to optimize two-wheeler service and maintenance. 

Wide network: We have a wide network of workshops across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. So, we can assure you that trained technicians are always available to solve your two-wheeler issues. 

Annual Maintenance Package: Razorcat also offers an Annual Maintenance Package that costs Rs. 1650. It includes three doorstep services in a year, vehicle towing support and technician on call for emergency assistance.

Razorcat aims to bring convenience at the doorstep of two-wheeler owners across all makes and models. So, we do offer an Annual Maintenance Contract for motorcycle and scooter owners. 

The Razorcat Two-Wheeler Annual Maintenance Package costs Rs.1650 and includes three doorstep services in a year, vehicle towing support and availability of technician on-call for emergency assistance.  

Razorcat is popularly known for offering the convenience of two-wheeler service at your doorstep as well as pick up and drop facility to the nearest partner workshop. Apart from these we also offer a host of other services for two-wheeler owners. 

Accident repair: In the unfortunate event of your two-wheeler getting involved in an accident, Razorcat can get it spruced up like new. We employ brand specific and trained technicians who can get all cosmetic and mechanical work done. We offer denting and painting services across all makes and models of two-wheelers. 

Battery replacement: Our technician can check the health of the two-wheeler's battery and if required replace it with a new one at your doorstep.

Vehicle inspection: Planning to buy a pre-owned two-wheeler? We can assist you by technically evaluating the motorcycle or scooter and give you a report of it's health. This will help you in making an informed decision. 

Annual Maintenance Contract: For Rs.1650 you can avail of three doorstep services in a year, vehicle towing support and technician on-call for emergency assistance.  



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