Doorstep two-wheeler service for Mumbaikars

By Pradeb Biswas
01, Jun, 2019
5 Minutes read
Razorcat, a Mumbai based startup is offering two-wheeler owners the convenience of getting their two-wheeler serviced from the comfort of their home or office. Mumbaikars no longer need to spare precious time from their daily schedule to ride to the nearest service station and wait till their two-wheeler get serviced. 
By visiting the Razorcat website one can easily schedule an appointment from a trained technician. The technician visits the two-wheeler owner with a Razorcat two-wheeler service kit comprising of all essential tools and equipment. The technician then services the two-wheeler at the location of the two-wheeler owner. 
Owing to the innovative 'Razorcat Doorstep Two-wheeler service package' Mumbaikers can now get their two-wheeler serviced at their home or office. The best bit is that a standard Razorcar Doorstep Two-wheeler service gets completed in around 60-90 minutes.   
Not just doorstep two-wheeler service, Razorcat offers complete two-wheeler care including accident repairs and part replacement. Since major repairs cannot be carried out at the owner's location, the Razorcat is also offering a 'Two-wheeler pick and drop service'. Under this service a technician rides the two-wheeler to a nearest Razorcat partner workshop and gets it repaired. The two-wheeler is also ridden back to the owner's location.In case of severe damage rendering the two-wheeler non-operational, Razorcat will arrange for the motorcycle or sccoter to be towed to the nearest partner workshop. 
The standard Razorcat doorstep two-wheeler service package includes clutch setting, chain setting, brake setting, battery check, air filter check, carburetor and suspension tuning, electrical system and lights checking, greasing and a dry wash. This costs Rs 655 including GST. The Razorcat two-wheeler pick and drop service costs Rs 350 excluding GST. Razorcat also accepts online payments. 
Razorcat is also offering a 'Two-wheeler Annual Maintenance Package' for a reasonable Rs 1650 which includes three doorstep services in a year, vehicle towing support and availability of technician on call for emergency assistance.

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