About Razorcat

We are a fully integrated 2 wheeler service station in Mumbai

Who We Are

A fully integrated 2 wheeler service station

Razorcat is a fully integrated 2 wheeler service station, providing your suits of services:

  • DoorStep Tune Up + Check up Services
  • Pick and Drop To Razorcat verified workshops for major mechanical work
  • Accidental Claim and Repair service with accredited Razorcat Service Station
  • Your 2 wheeler vehicle inspection before purchase of any used 2 wheeler.

We have been providing high quality service for 15+ years.

How do we work?

Razorcat has a proprietary tech product specially designed to facilitate accredited service stations and stand alone technicians to provide prompt and perfect service for your 2 wheeler with a service suits of your choice - doorstep or workshop.

Razorcat Founding Team boasts of 18+ years experience in 2 wheeler service industry servicing over 1 Million Happy Customers - Trained under Japanese Processes and Principles to optimize 2 wheeler service maintenance ensuring long life.

Our Vision

To offer an unparalleled enriched owner experience with suits of services for your 2 wheeler with prompt, transparent and efficient execution under skilled technicians, Japanese service methodology and proprietary technology enabling flexibility and service with comfort.

Why Razorcat?

  • 15+ years of experience
  • Service comfort - service your 2 wheeler from the comfort of yo
  • Complete transparency by sharing before and after work pictures
  • End to End Service including pick up - service - vehicle drop
  • Brand Specific Trained and Accredited Technicians and Service
  • Genuine Parts and Lubricants


Why Our Customers Love Us

Bikes Serviced
Expenditure Saved
Hours of trouble saved

Get your Bike serviced at your Doorstep